2/15/10 Possible Ear Infection Can’t Dampen My Pre-South By Jitters

Only a month until South By Southwest in Austin. Getting pretty excited. I’ve never been to a major music festival before, so this is pretty big for me. I’ll be excited to see a lot of bands I routinely miss seeing in the DFW area as well as talking with artists and other music people.

Anyone else going to South By? Let me know your thoughts. Are there any cool places I need to hit up during the festival? Any excellent bands that I need to see while I’m down there? I’m a Vegetarian, so are there any sweet Vegetarian hotspots for me to check out?

Meanwhile, here’s my playlist for this week

Roses In The Park – Liechtenstein
Boy Lilikoi – Jónsi
Faces – The Happy Hollows
Fire Ant – Bibio
The High Road – Broken Bells
Time Of The Assassins – Charlotte Gainsbourg
Finito – Deluka
So Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore – Art Museums
Sleeper Hold – No Age
Baby It’s You – The Beatles
Underground – Reading Rainbow
Cheerleader (Neon Indian ‘Sega Genesis P-Orridge’ Remix) – Grizzly Bear
disaster babe – RUN DMT
daniel – Bat for lashes
21st Union – Arch M
Tape Song – The Kills
To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix) – Memoryhouse
Blood on the Sand – Ganglians
The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat) – The Flaming Lips
Edmonton – The Rural Alberta Advantage
Fences (the soft pack remix) – Phoenix
Marry Me – The Sandwitches
Straight In At 101 – Los Campesinos!
01 Lets Go Down – Family Of The Year
Glad (Delorean Remix) – Glasser
Hide It Away – Retribution Gospel Choir
Spanish Girls In Amsterdam – Argyle Johansen

Vinyl Countdown!!!!!!

10. Hide Me – The Golden Filter
9. Clears Throat – FUR
8. At A Glance (Toro Y Moi remix) – Body Language
7. Synchronize – Solid Gold
6. Hey Alison – Henry’s Dress
5. Snowflake – Malachai
4. Art Czars – Japandroids
3. Lifted – Lemonade
2. World News – Local Natives
1. Me And The Devil – Gil Scott-Heron


4 thoughts on “2/15/10 Possible Ear Infection Can’t Dampen My Pre-South By Jitters

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  2. Seriously, thank you for having the best radio program in DFW. I rarely listen to the radio because I don’t care much for commercial music but, of course, your program is the exception.

    SXSW is AWESOME! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to go for the past two years and hopefully I will be able to this year. I work at the FW Zoo and it’s our busiest time of the year (I’m sure you’ve dealt with the traffic…) and I’ve been able to finagle my way into getting at least one day off to make the trip to Austin.

    The line up on the website doesn’t always seem to list everyone. When you get down there just go down 6th street and all of the venues will have the bands, times, and days listed outside. If there are any bands that you love of course they’ll list all the details on their myspace/facebook/ etc. if they’re going to be there. But check out the SXSW website each day you’re down there because they try to keep it updated.

    Most shows are free during the day but once the sun goes down there is usually a cover charge to the venues. I have noticed that some bars will only have a cover charge for minors. Last year I saw Monotonix, an awesome band from Israel, at some Ballet Studio downtown and they had free beer and liquor and no cover charge (perhaps because it was a Thursday night and wasn’t anywhere near 6th street). Check out the show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXGcbivOfBU.

    It’s overwhelming if you love indie music because there are sooo many bands playing down there. Since many shows are free it’s easy to just stop in somewhere, listen for a bit, and move on.

    If you want to see a “bigger” band that is more well-known make sure you get in line early. Most venues are small and will reach their capacity quickly. At most venues you can pre-purchase a ticket/wristband earlier during the day for a show that will be going on that night. I highly suggest you do that if you think the show will sell out. It can cost up to $30 or so but if you really want to see the band it’s worth it.

    There are lots of crazy things going on at all times down there. They block off several streets and there are all kinds of interesting people doing “interesting” things. Also, several businesses will be out promoting their products so it’s possible to get free lunch and quench your thirst just from all the freebies.

    There are rickshaws down there who, with a price, will transport you anywhere you want to go. I always walk everywhere because it’s free but they are all familiar with Austin and if you nicely ask them for directions they’ll willingly help you out.

    I hope this helps you out! Austin showcases its finest qualities during SXSW, I know you’ll have a blast!

    • excellent, thanks for all the great info. i managed to check the monotonix out with they came to rubber gloves in denton a few months ago. i really went to see Harlem, but was pleasantly surprised by the absolute insanity that is their live show.
      hope to see you down there, i’ll probably be there for most of the week and weekend doing promoting stuff for the station and whatnot!

  3. I just discovered your radio show last night, and I was really surprised to find out that we have a station that plays indie music in DFW! I love all the music you play… I’m familiar with most of the artists, but it’s also nice to hear some new stuff. I really liked the songs by Arch M and Japandroids. Definitely gonna check them out. Pretty much everything you play is AMAZING and I’m glad I stumbled across your show, and now you have a new listener/fan!

    By the way, I pronounce the Moi in Toro y Moi as “moy” too. It does sound better, haha.

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