How many weeks away is Spring Break? I think I’m ready for a vacation. Oh well.  Apparently the weather-people are calling for snow tonight, I would really appreciate it if they were right for once. Everyone could use a snow day every once in a while, even if for no other reason then to see Professors scramble to adjust lesson plans to accommodate and so that I can sleep past 9am.
Leave a comment about your favorite live show you’ve seen and why, I’ll pick the craziest story and talk about it on the air next week during the show as well as sharing my craziest live show story.
Enjoy your hypothetical snow day if it happens, and if not let’s all grumble about weather-people. That’s what they’re there for anyway.

Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones
Yalira – The Very Best
Khala My Friend – Amanaz
Death To Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos
Animal – Miike Snow
Radio #1 – Air
Tote It To Cleveland, AL – Vulture Whale
For All The Widows In Paradise, For All The Fathers is Ypsilanti – Sufjan Stevens
Post-Paint Boy – Stephen Malkmus
The Cat’s Pajamas – The Spinto Band
1993 – Royal Bangs
Heroes and Villains – The Beach Boys
Cutlass – PVC Street Gang
Get Lonely – The Mountain Goats
Oh Messy Life – Cap’n Jazz
Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
Can’t Stop Now – Major Lazer
Banana Jam, Pt. 1 – Julian Lynch
Magic Touch – Golden Silvers
Second Hand News – Fleetwood Mac
Hey – Elvis Perkins In Dearland
Park Song – The Dodos
Superman – Clique
Ghosts – CANT
Roses In The Park – Liechtenstein
Dominos – The Big Pink
Blue Little – 1032
Heartbroken, In Disrepair – Dan Auerbach
I Couldn’t Love You – Cursive
What’s In It For? – Avi Buffalo

Vinyl Countdown

10. Strange Dream – WITCH
9. We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues (Gatekeeper Gregorian Disco Edit) – Wild Beasts
8. Horse Stomach – Dem Hunger
7. Western Hospitality – Club 8
6. Excuses – The Morning Benders
5. Fot I Hose – Casiokids
4. Should Have Taken Acid With You (Future Rock Remix)
3. Fondly – VEGA
2. Icarus – White Hinterland
1. World Sick – Broken Social Scene


2 thoughts on “2/22/10

  1. I enjoy your show. I listen to you on my way home from school. I just wish you were less of a music snob. I hope you have fun in Austin and enjoy all the great bands.

    P.S. thank you for introducing me to Broken Social Scene

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