Europe Update

Hello all,
It’s been a few days, and it’s been a few very very busy days. Spent last weekend in Amsterdam and learned a few things. Amsterdam is great if you like:
Expensive Beer
The Dutch
90s Mainstream Pop, Early 2000s Rap, Darude
That’s about it. I also noticed that you can buy drugs at any time of the day but you’d be hard pressed to find a cup of coffee which was all I was looking for.
Saw Dirty Dancing, the musical…Awful…I refuse to waste any more space.
Saw Kensington Palace….They turned it into a Harry Potter castle…both a win and a fail.
Saw the Tower of London…again.
Saw Hair the musical tonight. Amazing. If you get a chance I expect you all to see it. The crowd was invited onstage and of course I participated. I don’t usually like musicals but this was fabulous.
I’m off to Marseilles tomorrow to enjoy some sun, sand, water and USA Soccer…my Clint Dempsey jersey is ready to go.
Cheers, enjoy the weekend.


Cassette Deck Break

Hello Friends,
I am sorry to say that The Cassette Deck is taking a break for a few weeks. I am in London studying abroad, and obviously don’t have any way to make a radio broadcast. I will post my activities plus recent music to keep you relevant while I am out of the country. Hopefully I will get super cultured by living in a hip city like London for a month.
Today I went on a totally touristy walking tour of the South Bank of the Thames, after that I checked out an Irving Penn portrait exhibit and I’m about to finish the day off with a stage production of 39 Steps.
Tons of people here walk around with their headphones in, I’m always tempted to ask the hippest ones what they are listening to so I can feel out the indie scene while I am here. I’m always afraid that my “country heritage” and “goofy American accent” will discourage them from giving me the scoop. Perhaps I should just say I am from Canada. I wonder if America’s image has improved any since we have a hip black president now instead of a drunk racist white bigot?
I’m going to go get purposely lost and then find my way again.

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