Cassette Deck Break

Hello Friends,
I am sorry to say that The Cassette Deck is taking a break for a few weeks. I am in London studying abroad, and obviously don’t have any way to make a radio broadcast. I will post my activities plus recent music to keep you relevant while I am out of the country. Hopefully I will get super cultured by living in a hip city like London for a month.
Today I went on a totally touristy walking tour of the South Bank of the Thames, after that I checked out an Irving Penn portrait exhibit and I’m about to finish the day off with a stage production of 39 Steps.
Tons of people here walk around with their headphones in, I’m always tempted to ask the hippest ones what they are listening to so I can feel out the indie scene while I am here. I’m always afraid that my “country heritage” and “goofy American accent” will discourage them from giving me the scoop. Perhaps I should just say I am from Canada. I wonder if America’s image has improved any since we have a hip black president now instead of a drunk racist white bigot?
I’m going to go get purposely lost and then find my way again.


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