World Cup Hangover

Apparently this summer some event called “The World Cup” happened. Supposedly it’s when every country other than the United States gets together in basically a third world country and plays soccer. The Americans routinely underperfom, because every other country calls soccer “football.” So the American team shows up with their helmets and football.

This team apparently "lost" this summer

Name confusion aside, soccer seems to be a sport that Americans routinely don’t care about for 1,430 days out of every 1,460 days. every 4 years, Americans don their recently bought United States soccer jerseys, paint their faces, wear zany wigs, bang on drums and cheer for a sport they won’t care about in 3 weeks. In a fit of sports amnesia right after the conclusion of the World Cup American’s forget about soccer because Freedom Football stars up, as does basketball, baseball and hockey, all sports that represent America’s desire to do things no other country does.

Is Freedom Football the "True American Sport?"

Wonder what would happen if the U.S. won the World Cup one time. We apparently had it here in the early 90s when some South Americans “beat the shit” out of the rest of the world and won. If we won, maybe American’s would abandon sports that the other countries don’t understand and pick up “the world’s game”

South Americans are good at soccer because they have no "McDonalds beer guts"

Wonder if this is a hangover from our “colonial” days when England still “owned” us. Since the English love soccer, we automatically had to invent 5 sports they have never heard of and call them “America’s game” and exclude all other countries from participating.

Did you root for the United States at the World Cup?
Did you already forget what “soccer” is?
Were you more psyched for “Freedom Football?”
Do they let dog fighters participate in soccer? (via Philly Vick)
Who the hell are the Wolverhampton Wolves?

Who the hell are the "Wolves?"


Titus Andronicus – Titus Andronicus
Windowlicker – Aphex Twin
Making Time – Creation
Alley Cats – Hot Chip
Tropicalia – Beck
Come Back – The Belles
Luv Goon – Pearl Harbor
Asleep At The Party – Memory Cassette
In The Mouth A Desert – Pavement
Hollow Hollow Eyes – Crocodiles
96 Tears – ? And The Mysterians
Never Follow Suit – The Radio Dept.
It Ain’t Gonna Save Me – Jay Reatard
Pencil Rot – Stephen Malkmus
House Jam – Gang Gang Dance
Treefort – Henry’s Dress
Miss These Things    3:12    The Bats    Daddy’s Highway    Rock    4/30/09 5:23 PM
Kaili – Caribou
Suffocation – Crystal Castles
Go Outside – Cults
Blown Away – Pixies
Now’s The Only Time I Know – Fever Ray
Wires – Coconut Records
It’s My Life – Animals
Daisy – Fang Island
Free Energy – Free Energy
Ahab – Here We Go Magic
Bermuda – Kisses
Deiyo Deiyo – The Hykkers
This Time Tomorrow – The Kinks
Horizons – Son Ambulance

Vinyl Countdown!!

10. Camino Muerto – The Growlers
9. We Used To Wait – The Arcade Fire
8. A Summer Song – Chad & Jeremy
7. Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) – Small Black
6. Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock
5. I Want The World To Stop – Belle and Sebastian
4. Never Come Around – La Sera
3. Desire Lines – Deerhunter
2. Lucky One – Avey Tare
1. You – Gold Panda


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