Long Due Update

Hey all.

I’m back.

Just wanted to give you an update.

So here goes.

Glad to see such a nice response to my absence. Makes me feel like you guys really care about me. I’m currently in NYC, the city that never sleeps. Somebody famous said that about this city. I’m working at two different internship, busting my ass for no pay, but gotta pay those dues.

Missing my radio show, hope you all are too. In order to make up for the loss of a great show I’m going to start posting tracks more often here. Keep you relevant. Keep you up to date on what’s going on in the music world. Since we can no longer be together at KTCU.
The Cassette Deck is no more. We had a good run. You commented on my blog and maybe even called in once or twice to request a song or chat. It’s nice to feel like people listen. Feel like people are interested in what you have to say. Positive reinforcement. Some day we might be together again. Some sort of “reunion tour” or “special appearance,” as a “last hurrah.” Just like James Murphy/LCD, we might say we’re quitting, but secretly we know we’ll be back. Music is our drug. We’re senseless addicts and continue to come back for more.
Hope you had a good Spring. Hope you’re glad I’m back. I’m glad I’m back.
The Cassette Deck rises. Coming 2011.

Here’s a Casino Clams track to get you started. Get hooked. Welcome back.


National “I’m Not Feeling A Blog” Day

Sorry guys. I’m not in the mood to post a witty blog today.
Here’s the list.
Check back later this week for a post.

Desire Lines – Deerhunter
Heart Skipped A Beat – The XX
New Theory – Washed Out
Slow – Twin Shadow
You – Gold Panda
Go Outside – Cults
Linus Spacehead – Wavves
Search Party – Small Black
Hearts On Fire – Cut Copy
Travelin’ Girl –  The Bitters
Low Shoulder – Toro Y Moi
Younger Than Yesterday – Real Estate
Weak for Me – Nite Jewel
Strange Dream – WITCH
Hey Cool Kid – Cloud Nothings
Daily Routine (Phaseone Remix) – Animal Collective
Badlands – Growlers
Lucky 1 – Avey Tare
Blood Dries Darker – Woods
Never Come Around (Mastered) – La Sera
Life Magazine – Cold Cave
Should Have Taken Acid With You (Future Rock Remix) – Neon Indian
Bombay – El Guincho
Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
West Coast – Junk Culture
Girls FM – Happy Birthday
Hang With Me – Robyn
Endless sunset – Delorean
We Used To Wait – Arcade Fire
Martin Luther King Day – Times New Viking

Vinyl Countdown!!

10. Don’t Lie – The Mantles
9. Come Back – The Belles
8. Black Car – Black Tambourine
7. This Must Be The Place – The Talking Heads
6. Turn Into Feathers (Feat. Emily Reo) – Truman Peyote
5. Land Of The Freak – King Khan & The Shrines
4. Too Much – Sufjan Stevens
3. Stuart Gets Lost Dans Le Metro – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
2. Fever Dreaming – No Age
1. Tropical Island Suite – Fresh And Onlys

Test Taking Annoyance

Busy studying for a test. Flipping endless notecards in order to memorize a hundred works of pre-Columbian Mezoamerican artworks.

Do you know which Mezoamerican culture this work of art comes from?

Can’t really see the point, it’s not like I’m ever going to need to know if a piece of artwork originated from the Olmec culture or the Zapotec culture. I am forced to take this class because my minor “requires” it, and I really want to “graduate.”

I feel like test are a gross mis-representation of knowledge. I feel like they’re designed specifically to make students forget everything they learned. I can feel 100% confident going into a test yet bomb it hopelessly.


Studying also takes up valuable life time. I can’t have meaningful human interaction if I’m busy with my nose in an irrelevant textbook. I feel like I waste too much time studying for a test or doing homework. I feel like after 20 hours of class time per week I should not be expected to do more work.

Do you feel that your knowledge is not properly represented in tests?
Can one have meaningful human interaction while studying?
Do you value your interactions with humans?
Do you consider yourself a “crazy cat lady?”
Am I still a relevant human being?

Banana Jam Pt.1 – Julian Lynch
Too Much – Sufjan Stevens
Cut Your Hair – Pavement
I Want To – Best Coast
Odessa – Caribou
Cato As A Pun – Of Montreal
Steady, As She Goes – The Raconteurs
I Couldn’t Love You – Cursive
Bros – Panda Bear
Rock the Casbah – The Clash
At A Glance (Toro y Moi Remix) – Body Language
Dig For Fire – Pixies
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
Clears Throat – FUR
Rhinestone Eyes – Gorillaz
The Message  – Grandmaster Flash
Wet Hair – Japandroids
Sex Machine – James Brown
A Salty Salute – Eternal Summers
noah’s ark – cocorosie
Oh Yoko – John Lennon
2 Weeks ’til Prom – Lil Wayne and Grizzly Bear
Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
It Never Rains In Southern California – Albert Hammond
Song For Lonely Giants – The Mountain Goats
Sleeper Hold – No Age
Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard – Paul Simon
Cutlass – PVC Street Gang

Vinyl Countdown

10. Rich Girl – Hall & Oates
9. Cold War – Janelle Monae
8. Revival – Deerhunter
7. Whaddaya Wanna Know – Cloud Nothings
6. Cave Grill – Arch M
5. Ruling Me – Weezer
4. Watch The Glow – Museum Of Bellas Artes
3. Northern Islands – Blank Dogs
2. Bombay – El Guincho
1. Feeling Today – Botany

One Hot August Monday

Today marked the beginning of another school year. Probably millions of people went back to school and millions more went back to jobs from which they had no summer vacation. Beginning school is really a bittersweet experience. On the one hand you get to chill with your bros that you probably haven’t seen/talked to/facebooked since May. However, on the other hand you are no longer free and shackled by the chains of the modern education institution. It’s really a bit of a toss up.
If you dig my show you can follow me on Twitter. Sometimes I even talk about music. I am @kylehummel
Here’s what I played tonight:

Djohariah – Sufjan Stevens
Hey Cool Kid – Cloud Nothings
Marathon – Tennis
Dogs Are Cool – Deerhunter
All Around and Away We Go – Twin Sister
Life Magazine – Cold Cave
Treefort – Henry’s Dress
Turn The Dirt Over – Sea Wolf
D.R.U.G.S. – The Raveonettes
Embassy Row – Pavement
Who do you love (Handsomeboy Technique remix) – Museum of Bellas Artes
Suffocation – Crystal Castles
That’s Not Me – Junk Culture
Danger Zone – Solid Gold
Wet Cement – The Morning Benders
Song for No One – Miike Snow
Samantha – The Mantles
Death To Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos!
The Curse – Las Robertas
Rain On – Woods
Sink/Let it Sway – Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin
Younger Us – Japandroids
Me And The Devil – Gil Scott-Heron
Cubism Dream – Local Natives
You Wanted A Hit – LCD Soundsystem
Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols
Saint Jerome – Coconut Records
Rebel Rebel – Seu Jorge

Vinyl Countdown!!

10. Don’t Fall In Love – Still Corners
9. Lately (Deuxieme) – Memoryhouse
8. Turn Into Feathers Feat. Emily Reo – Truman Peyote
7. 96 Tears – ? And The Mysterians
6. Mickey Mouse – Wavves
5. Lights – Interpol
4. Low Shoulder – Toro Y Moi
3. Bang Pop (Fool’s Gold Remix) – Free Energy
2. All Out Of Tune – Real Estate
1. All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)

Europe Update

Hello all,
It’s been a few days, and it’s been a few very very busy days. Spent last weekend in Amsterdam and learned a few things. Amsterdam is great if you like:
Expensive Beer
The Dutch
90s Mainstream Pop, Early 2000s Rap, Darude
That’s about it. I also noticed that you can buy drugs at any time of the day but you’d be hard pressed to find a cup of coffee which was all I was looking for.
Saw Dirty Dancing, the musical…Awful…I refuse to waste any more space.
Saw Kensington Palace….They turned it into a Harry Potter castle…both a win and a fail.
Saw the Tower of London…again.
Saw Hair the musical tonight. Amazing. If you get a chance I expect you all to see it. The crowd was invited onstage and of course I participated. I don’t usually like musicals but this was fabulous.
I’m off to Marseilles tomorrow to enjoy some sun, sand, water and USA Soccer…my Clint Dempsey jersey is ready to go.
Cheers, enjoy the weekend.

Cassette Deck Break

Hello Friends,
I am sorry to say that The Cassette Deck is taking a break for a few weeks. I am in London studying abroad, and obviously don’t have any way to make a radio broadcast. I will post my activities plus recent music to keep you relevant while I am out of the country. Hopefully I will get super cultured by living in a hip city like London for a month.
Today I went on a totally touristy walking tour of the South Bank of the Thames, after that I checked out an Irving Penn portrait exhibit and I’m about to finish the day off with a stage production of 39 Steps.
Tons of people here walk around with their headphones in, I’m always tempted to ask the hippest ones what they are listening to so I can feel out the indie scene while I am here. I’m always afraid that my “country heritage” and “goofy American accent” will discourage them from giving me the scoop. Perhaps I should just say I am from Canada. I wonder if America’s image has improved any since we have a hip black president now instead of a drunk racist white bigot?
I’m going to go get purposely lost and then find my way again.

First Shift of The Summer

I’m enjoying the first week in which I have no school related activities in which to participate. This is a good time of year, classes are done, exams are done, projects have been turned in, and if wasn’t for the new puppy I adopted, I would be sleeping a lot. The change of seasons is an exciting time. It’s recently been getting hot here in Texas, and while I don’t necessarily enjoy the scorching heat that we have during August, at the beginning it’s not so bad. New plants grow, animals come out of hibernation, I’m at much less risk of Vampire attack thanks to the abundance of sunshine and longer days. I feel like I probably won’t change anything with The Cassette Deck. I like it just the way it is. I was thinking about revamping the format and changing it to something different. I realized that I have a duty to provide the best in new and unheardof indie music to the FM dial listeners and no one was going to do that but me.
I hope you all enjoy the show as much as I enjoy doing it.

It’ll Come Around – All Saints Day
Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix) – Tanlines
Bear – The Antlers
Round And Round – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Something, Somewhere, Sometime – Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore
Strangling Good Guys – Trailer Trash Tracies
Making Time – The Creation
Pool Swimmers – Real Estate
P.S. I Love You – The Beatles
All to All – Broken Social Scene
Spring (Air France Remix) – Saint Etienne
Here Comes My Baby – Cat Stevens
I’m An Animal – Shark?
Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones
Comfy In Nautica – Panda Bear
Crash Years – The New Pornographers
Trick Pony – Charlotte Gainsbourg
Wires – Coconut Records
Let Her Dance – The Bobby Fuller Four
Most Wanted – Cults
Sleepyhead (Emil & Friends Reworking) – Passion Pit
Never Stops – Deerhunter
Talamak – Toro Y Moi
Who Do You Love – Museum of Bellas Artes
Gentle Hour – Yo La Tengo
10. Travelin’ Girl – The Bitters
Middle Cyclone – Neko Case
Sleep Paralysist – Neon Indian
Norway – Beach House
She’s Electric (Vega Italo Dub) – NightWaves
I Woke Up Today – Port O’Brien
Inspiration Information – Shuggie Otis

Vinyl Countdown

10. Party With Children – Ratatat
9. Wide Awake – Beach Fossils
8. Born Free – M.I.A.
7. Soft Skin – Mountain Man
6. Street Feelings – Las Robertas
5. Bermuda – Kisses
4. The Wild Hunt – The Tallest Man On Earth
3. My Pessimistic Heart – Club 8
2. Lately (Deuxieme) – Memoryhouse
1. Endless Sunset – Delorean

Last Week of Classes 4/26/10

School is coming to a close, for those of us not out in the real world yet. There are but two more days until we do nothing from Thursday to Sunday night where we cram for our exams right after they happen. I think that every year I always tell myself that “this will be the year that I do not procrastinate. This year I will get my work done ahead of time and feel good about it.” That never seems to happen. My good intentions are always squandered by the fact that school/schoolwork/projects/tests are not that interesting. I hope that the real world is more interesting and I can find a job that is interesting and awesome and I won’t feel the same way about work as I do about school.
The future is exciting and intimidating all at the same time.

Octavio – Viva Voce
Window Seat – Erykah Badu
You Belong – Hercules And Love Affair
Camera Talk – Local Natives
Beach Party – Air France
Death To Los Campesinos! – Los Campesinos!
Kaili – Caribou
You Are Opening – Cloud Nothings
Don’t Lie – The Mantles
Swim – Surfer Blood
Parasites – The Muslims
Snowflake – Malachai
The Empty Nest – Wild Beasts
Despicable Dogs – Small Black
All Around and Away We Go – Twin Sister
Titus Andronicus Forever – Titus Andronicus
I’m An Animal – Shark?
Belong – Washed Out
Treeton – Fang Island
Animal – Miike Snow
Too Too Too Fast – Ra Ra Riot
O.N.E. (XXXChange Remix) – Yeasayer
I Gotcha – Lupe Fiasco
What Would I Want? Sky – Animal Collective
To The Dregs/Horse Sholes – Wavves
Coastal Brake (Lusine Remix) – Tycho
Pool Swimmers – Real Estate

Vinyl Countdown!

10. In Ruins (Keepaway Mix) – Fol Chen
9. Lights & Music – Cut Copy
8. Torture Me – Harlem
7. Rosa – Grimes
6. Danger Zone – Solid Gold
5. Juliet The Painting – Silent Diane
4. Christina Says – The Sneaks
3. F.X.N.C. – The Samps
2. Love Comes Around – Cold Cave
1. Round and Round – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

4/19/10 Ticket Giveaway Day

I gave away some tickets today. I like giving gifts. I gave these gifts to you, the listeners, from the bottom of my heart. I recieved them for free from the people who are in charge of my radio station in order for me to give them away on my show. That doesn’t mean I meant the gesture any less. I hope the winners of the tickets enjoy my gift and know that it counts as my christmas and birthday gift to you for the year.

Unfold – Julie Peel
Life Magazine (Pantha Du Prince remix) – Cold Cave
Out from Under – Voicesvoices
Noah’s Ark – Cocorosie
Me And The Devil – Gil Scott-Heron
No Hope Kids – Wavves
Prizefighter – Eels
Girl I Love You – Massive Attack
Lingering Still – She & Him
World Sick – Broken Social Scene
Oregon Girl – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Beach Girls – Sleigh Bells
Only You Can Make You Happy – Au Revior Simone
Panda – Dungen
Sleep All Day – The Rural Alberta Advantage
Feyd Rautha Dark Heart – Grimes
Another Sun – Malachai
Golden Age – TV On The Radio
Coaxed – Avi Buffalo
Son Of A Gun – The Vaselines
Cold War (Nice Clean Fight) – The Morning Benders
Lewis Takes Action – Owen Pallett
Please See – Liam The Younger
Too Young To Die – Jamiroquai
Paris – Friendly Fires
Venice – Beirut

Vinyl Countdown

10. The National Grind – Bachelorette
9. Hide Me (Peter Bjorn & Jon’s Hortland Remix) – The Golden Filter
8. Oceans – Indian Jewelry
7. Bermuda – Kisses
6. Blood Dries Darker – Woods
5. Christina Says – The Sneaks
4. Youth – Beach Fossils
3. Fountains – Teen, Inc.
1. Ego Tripping (Self Admiration with Blow-Up Mix) – The Flaming Lips

Winding down the year April 12, 2010

Now that the school year is winding down, it’s time for reflection. I’ve now been working on The Cassette Deck for two semesters. I am a much different person than I was when I joined this show. My tastes have broadened and I have re-developed my life plan. I feel like if I’m not constantly working to better myself then I’m wasting my potential.
How do you feel about change? I like change, it’s exciting, and as the name implies, new. I feel like humans thrive on change, whether or not we like it. If we led stagnant lives we would have nothing to look forward to.
In the spirit of reflection, I want to know if you have any suggestions for the show. Please leave me a comment and let me know.


Faces – Harlem
Conquest – Tapes n’ Tapes
The Kids Are Alright – The Who
Bad Stuff – Free Energy
Imagine, Pt. 3 – The Smith Westerns
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – Talking Heads
Love Me Till The Sun Shines – The Kinks
Up Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song) – KiD CuDi
Heart Skipped A Beat – The XX
horse stomach – dem hunger
Route 66 – The Rolling Stones
Switched On – Islands
Art Czars – Japandroids

Vinyl Countdown

10. Voicething – Goldfrapp
9. Fondly – VEGA
8. Old Street – Cloud Nothings
7. No Excuses – Air France
6. Dark Days – Chin Chin
5. Animal Arithmatic – Jonsi
4. Someday Soon – Harlem
3. Window Seat – Erykah Badu
2. Psychic Chasms (Brahms Remix) – Neon Indian
1. Most Wanted – Cults

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