Scared Abt Life

I’m kind of just realizing that I only have 5 more weeks before I graduate college to become a “real person.” Little nervous, not sure if I’m cut out to be “regular bro” running around balancing budgets and accounting accounts.

My Q2 fiscals went up 2/10ths of a point from last year!

Think a lot of people “give up on their dreams,” and get shitty jobs straight out of college so they can pay the bills and put food on the table for them and their families. Then I think other people don’t quite know when to give up on their dreams, like when people “totally suck” at what they really want to be. (i.e. if you’re fat you’ll never be a model) Maybe I’m more cut out for a chill art job, like just takin photos and selling them on flickr to my family members who support out of pity.

Maybe I should just be a musician and an asshole, just like the guys on the Jersey Shore. They seem like they live a pretty chill life, they just drink, show off their abs, high-five and drink. Think that might not be so bad, plus they’re “hella famous/rich” for basically no reason.

"I'm just riding the chill wave..." -Pauly D.

Maybe I should just go to grad school and prolong my decent into reality by hiding behind the doors of higher education and plunging myself into some good old fashioned American debt.

A brief approximation of my finances should I go to grad school. Scale in single US dollars.

I think maybe I’ll just drop out, not finish college, become a hippie and start a massive drum circle. Yeah…that sounds good…

Just expressing how much I hate mainstream American culture.

Dublake – Kate Simko
Tooth Factory – The Witch
Love Me Girl – Yeasayer
Feel It All Around – Washed Out
Regina Holding Hands – White Denim
I’ll Be Your Mirror – Velvet Underground
Staring At The Sun – TV On The Radio
Whaddya Wanna Know – Cloud Nothings
Hannibal – Caribou
Feeling Today – Botany
Set Your Arms Down – Warpaint
You – Gold Panda
Talamak – Toro Y Moi
Will You Love Me Tomorrow – The Shirelles
Carol – Rolling Stones
People – James Murphy
New Jack  – Justice
Tropical Island Suite – Fresh and Onlys
I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince
Gold Soundz – Pavement
There Are Listed Buildings – Los Campesinos!
Private Eyes – Hall & Oates
No Reasons – VEGA
Badlands – Growlers
Skeleton Boy – Friendly Fires
Simple graces – Delorean
Youth and Lust – Cold Cave
Bright Night – Crystal Stilts
Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
He’s Gone (Chantels cover) – Vivian Girls

Vinyl Countdown

10. Don’t Watch Me Dancing – Little Joy
9. Drain The Blood – The Rural Alberta Advantage
8. Infinity Guitars – Sleigh Bells
7. Girls – Heartbreaker
6. Get Some – Lykke Li
5. Behind Your Eyes – La Sera
4. Stealing – Chief
3. Poor Animal – Zola Jesus
2. Undertow – Warpaint
1. (What A) Wonderful World – Sam Cooke


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