A$AP Rocky

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky has been making a lot of waves in the web-o-sphere, including a tour with Drake, not to mention a $3 Million record deal. So he had quite a bit to live up to with his debut mixtape.
However, it almost seems like he didn’t hear the hype. For most people $3 Million would be a gauntlet. Most people would have something to prove. Not A$AP. Who, along with his crew of beat-makers (Clams Casino being among them) mash together drudgy, smoke-and-syrup filled Houston rap with East Coast lyrical flow.
It remains to be seen whether A$AP can stick around for the long haul or if he will blow by like most buzz-darlings.

Grab A$AP Rocky’s debut mixtape here.

Check out a video for the single “Peso” below.



New Track to make it over the hump

Not-New-Years-Yet Resolutions:

Lose weight
Eat right
Keep up with friends/family
Build a birdhouse
Run a marathon
Donate $5 to charity
Start a religion
Buy a hat
Dissolve invented religion
Post to my blog more

Here’s a song to get you through the rest of the week.

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