R.I.P Radio

I have spent the last few days in a loaner dealership car since mine has been in the shop. This means I’ve had a good few days stuck listening to terrestrial radio as my loaner has no iPod hookups. This has lead me to a conclusion.

Terrestrial Radio is dead

Every radio station is Top 40, Country, Rap or Latin. I don’t understand how so much of the same stuff can co-exist simultaneously. Sometimes it’s lonely being the only Indie music show on terrestrial radio.
This whole thing kind of makes me want to quit. Kind of feels like I’m fighting a battle that I have been destined to lose from the beginning. Not sure if I’m up to it anymore. Popular music is no longer defined by what is heard on the radio, DJs are no longer given freedom to play new music. DJs are locked into computer-run programs that have 10 song libraries that play on repeat. Program Directors respond to what is on MTV and the Disney Channel. It’s been a good run terrestrial radio, but I believe I can pronounce it, you are dead.

Is Terrestrial Radio dead?
Is The Cassette Deck the only good show on the radio?
Should I just give up and quit radio altogether?
Do you like Top 40 stations because they play “hip” music?
Can you relate to the DJs on Top 40 stations? Are they “just like you?”
Is the Volkswagon Tiguan a relevant car or a “mom mobile?”
Should this be my last blog post ever?

R.I.P Radio, 1920-2010 “It’s Been A Good Run”

Heathen Child – Grinderman
Slow – Twin Shadow
Art House Director – Broken Social Scene
A Salty Salute – Eternal Summers
No Logic – White Hinterland
Concrete & Clay – Unit 4 + 2
Coastal Brake (Lusine Remix) – Tycho
Idiot Heart – Sunset Rubdown
Party With Children – Ratatat
You’re a Target – No Age
blue moon – Drug Rug
Panda – Dungen
Meeches Theme – Malachai
Camera Talk – Local Natives
Life Magazine (Pantha Du Prince First Flash Remix) – Cold Cave
Dark Days – Chin Chin
Heart Skipped A Beat – The XX
Phantom Pt. II – Justice
Jail La La – Dum Dum Girls
Summer Well – Interpol
While You Wait for the Others – Grizzly Bear
Temporarily Blind – Built To Spill
Hots For Teacher – Coasting
You’re A Wolf – Sea Wolf
Baltimore – Tennis
Janglin – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
I’m An Animal – Shark?
Well Known Pleasures – VEGA

Vinyl Countdown!?

10. Dark Days – Chin Chin
9. Deceptacon – Le Tigre
8. The Curse – Cults
7. Found Out – Caribou
6. Dancing On My Own – Robyn
5. Hope Child – Free Energy
4. B-Boy Document – The High & Mighty
3. Voices – Pure Ecstasy
2. Above The Clouds (Feat. Inspectah Deck) – Gang Starr
1. Revival – Deerhunter


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