New Track to make it over the hump

Not-New-Years-Yet Resolutions:

Lose weight
Eat right
Keep up with friends/family
Build a birdhouse
Run a marathon
Donate $5 to charity
Start a religion
Buy a hat
Dissolve invented religion
Post to my blog more

Here’s a song to get you through the rest of the week.


Check out this excellent track from London producer Deadboy. He takes a Bon Iver sample and turns it into something completely different. Sweet action.

via Gorilla vs. Bear

Disco Crunk?

A good friend of The Cassette Deck is one hell of a DJ. She classifies her own music as “Disco/Crunk.” Not sure what that means. Then again, I’m still not sure the definition of “Crunk.”

I think it was a term coined by a shitty rapper called “Lil’ John” who wears a lot of gold a jewels and drinks a lot of “Lean” which is a way for poor urbanites to “get loaded.” It’s a drink that combines regular old cough syrup with sprite/juice and grape jolly ranchers.

Sounds like shit to me, but then again, I’m an upper middle class suburbanite who can afford Jack Daniels and a real glass to drink it out of.

You know what's in my cup...

Regardless, Lauren Blakestad mixes some “crazy good shit” tunes. Check it out.

New Robyn Track

Robyn will be releasing her third album of 2010. It’s impressive enough if an artist can get two albums out…actually one per year. So this outpour of production from the Swedish-born Robyn is staggering.
Check out the first single from Body Talk, Pt. 3 “Indestructible” incidentally the acoustic track from Body Talk, Pt. 2.

Track courtesy of Stereogum

New Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus, i.e. multi-instrumentalist producer Steven Ellison, might have cut his teeth making beats for Adult Swim bumps, but the guy has some major producing chops. After two ridiculously good albums in Los Angeles and Cosmogramma Ellison dropped a new EP, Pattern+Grid World today. Here is the single “Kill Your Co-workers”

Courtesy of

New Crystal Stilts!

Oh snap! Crystal Stilts are back with a couple new singles that will be the A and B side of a 7inch that comes out at the end of October. Check them out!

“Shake The Shackles”

“Magnetic Moon”

(Courtesy of

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